Key Facts

  • Free access 7 days a week.
  • No security deposit to pay.
  • Free lock for your room.
  • Our own staff on site 7 days a week.
  • No access to anyone without our staff present in store to keep you and your things safe.
  • Unused days refunded.

Multiple Storage Rooms

  • If some of your things will be moved out of storage before other items use two smaller rooms to vacate one room early saving you money.
  • 2 smaller storage rooms can cost less than a single larger one if we have more available.
  • You can add multiple rooms to your booking before you checkout.

Flexible Storage

  • Move out anytime with just 7 days notice.
  • Any days paid for but not used are refunded promptly pro rata.
  • Time used is charged without any discount applied and any balance is refunded.


We work hard to keep your things safe but even items in the best run self storage store can potentially suffer loss or damage so everything in store must be insured.

You can estimate the insured value when you reserve and amend it if necessary when you come to start storing.

You can use our insurance or your own. Your home or business policy may cover your things whilst in storage. Only your insurance can compensate you for loss or damage to stored items.

See full details of our insurance cover here

If you are using your own insurance please bring proof that it covers items in storage when you come to start storing.

Sentimental Items

Whilst the risk to items in storage is small insurance can only provide financial compensation and this may not be able to make up for the loss of sentimental items.

We recommend taking the time to keep separate digital or other copies of important sentimental items which can give you peace of mind long even if you are no longer storing them.

You may wish to keep items of particular sentimental value elsewhere e.g. in a safety deposit box, with friends or with family if you feel that is more suitable.

Before You Store

  • Reserve a room to guarantee availability, rates and discounts.
  • We will quickly run an ID check and confirm whether your reservation has been accepted.
  • Your reservation deposit will be refunded if your reservation is declined.
  • To start using a room you will need to provide:
    • Photo ID. A UK driving licence is ideal as it also shows your address.
    • Proof of account number and sort code for your direct debit form. A debit card often shows your bank account number and sort code.
    • Proof of address. The address shown on a driving licence is fine. Don’t worry if your address is changing.
    • Credit or debit card to make your first storage payment. We do not accept cash payments for storage.
    • Proof of your own insurance if you are not taking our insurance option.
  • If you don’t make ongoing payments by direct debit an administration fee of £10 per month is due.

Room Size & Shape

Due to construction constraints rooms vary slightly in size & shape. Each room is allocated to the closest size band.

If you would prefer a rectangular or square room or need a certain length or width for a particular piece of furniture for example please let us know.

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