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Winter clean

- let the decluttering begin!

A good old-fashioned spring clean is virtually hardwired into our psyche, yet 68 per cent of us admit to dreading the prospect. And yet, when you think about it, a winter clean of our homes makes a lot more sense. We’re all going to being spending a lot more time indoors in the coming weeks!

Here are some basic tips to help you get settled in for the winter months ahead:

Think feet first

To prevent all kinds of dirt and damp from ruining your hallway or porch, consider investing in a boot scraper for the entrance of your home. Alternatively, if you have space, place a bench or stall next to your front door, to make it easier to take off wet and muddy boots. Putting down a tough doormat is also a good idea - as is a tray for the hallway to place wet shoes on.

Squeegee clean windows

Smoke generated from fireplaces or candles can create a thin film of soot on the inside of windows. Did you know that dirty windows can prevent the appearance of precious daylight (by as as much as 20 per cent) during the bleaker winter months? Try giving all of your windows a good wipe down on the inside by using white vinegar. Combine two cups of water, 1/4 cup of white vinegar, and a little teaspoon of liquid soap in a spray bottle. Remember to keep this out of the reach of children when you are finished.


Homes can get extremely dusty in the winter, especially with the warm and dry air generated from our central heating. Unfortunately, dust means germs and regular cleaning is the only solution,

To keep dusting to a manageable level during the winter months, reach out with a feather duster once a week! Not forgetting the often overlooked tops of doors, books and lampshades, on which forgotten dust can build very quickly. If we’re to believe the statistics, the average bed can play home to 10 million dust mites! Although they are harmless, their droppings can cause colds and worsen asthma. By hoovering the bedroom, opening the windows for an hour during the day and washing sheets regularly at high temperatures, mites and germs can easily be kept at bay.

Winter space

Should you need more of it, Storagebase offers the perfect solution for storing away summer items safely during the winter.

Will you be using that trampoline, or wood burner for a few months? Children’s play equipment and garden furniture can rust and weaken in bad weather, but storing these away during the cold seasons, will help to prolong their life.

Is your wardrobe looking like a gateway to Narnia? Storagebase has more than 1,000 safe, secure and dry rooms, ranging from wardrobe size to warehouse. Why not make space for winter jackets, jumpers, scarves and boots, by storing your summer clothes with us temporarily?

Our customers also use our storage rooms to tidy away summer furnishings and interior products, such curtains, cushions and bedding - to make space for winter duvets, heavy curtains, cosy blankets and plump cushions.

Have we inspired you to winter clean? We’re only a call away if you’d like to find out how easy it is to use our storage space.