Why Us?

Why should you choose a Storagebase Self Storage unit? Our own staff on site 7/7. Really Clean. High quality. Get a move in discount on storage.

Self storage corridor


Your security is our priority. You probably wouldn’t want thousands of people having access to your home without you being there and we feel the same about our stores.

Our own staff will be on site whenever anyone accesses the store.

Extensive fire and intruder alarms, an access control system and over 100 CCTV cameras per store covering every corridor help us to keep you and your things as safe as possible.

On Site Staff

Our own staff will always be in store 7 days a week whenever you or anyone else is in the store.

24/7 access with no staff present might feel convenient but does not prevent unwanted visitors following others in.

Unattended stores operated by other companies have been destroyed by fires caused by customers doing things they shouldn’t.

Numerous thefts have occurred from storage units in unattended stores in 2019. We believe that access with staff on site is the only way to provide acceptable security for you and your things.

We have never had a fire or any incidence of theft in any store since we started operating in 2002.

Self storage lock


We provide a free high security ‘bullet lock’ for your self storage unit that can’t be broken with bolt cutters like a padlock.

We don’t have spare or master keys to access any customer self storage unit so your storage unit is private to you only.

Staff on site act as a significant deterrent to any attempt to break into a storage unit.


We have well over a thousand self storage units in 30 sizes from wardrobe to warehouse size at each of our stores so you only need to use just the space you need.

Our self storage prices are all online all the time and include VAT and insurance for your things as standard.

You can switch to a different unit or vacate at any time if your needs change. Unused time you have paid for is refunded.

Self storage units

Multiple Storage Units

Fill up one unit then see how much extra space you need rather than taking a single unit that may end up being bigger than necessary. If you take more than 1 unit we will arrange for them to be as close together as possible.

Sometimes two smaller storage units can be better value than a single larger one.

See all our prices and reserve one or more storage units online here.

wide corridors


Getting to and from your storage unit easily speeds everything up and will help make your move stress free. Our stores have large covered loading areas and wide, well lit corridors.

Access is through the single access point in front of reception so we can keep an eye on who and what is coming and going.

No steps and 2 or 3 large, fast lifts for you and your things.

A wide central corridor on each floor makes access easy.

Self Storage Trolley


We have loads of moving equipment to make it easy to shift your things.

Our trolleys have lovely smooth running wheels with a range of specialist equipment like mattress carts and pallet trucks to make shifting awkward items a breeze.

We have sack barrows, piano wheels and transit blanket bundles for you to borrow off site to make loading up quick and easy.

Storage maintenance


We have an extensive proactive maintenance program across all our stores to help prevent problems before they arise.

From the doors to the drains, lightning conductors to lifts, cleaning to the coffee machine we have a maintenance plan to cover it.

hot drinks


Moving is thirsty work.

Enjoy free iced water, coffee, tea and hot chocolate in store.

Help yourself to fresh fruit in reception each time you visit too.

Deliveries & Collections

Be in when you’re out with our delivery & collection service.

Send your parcels to the store and we’ll sign for them on your behalf. If you have a parcel to be collected leave it with us and we’ll hold it until your courier collects it.

There’s no charge unless it’s large.

Meeting room

Meeting Room

Every store has a meeting room that is free to use.

Use for your business meetings (don’t forget our free hot drinks) or use it as a convenient space to sort through your boxes or archives from time to time.

Please contact reception to book.

Box shop

Box Shop

Buy boxes, tape, bubble wrap and other packing accessories online or in store to make your move quick and easy.

Our different box types are specially sized to stack neatly together so you can fit more into less space and save on your storage costs.

Rental Crates

Our rental crates are 100% recycled plastic and 100% recyclable.

Each crate holds 80 litres with integral flip lids so there is no need to buy tape or spend time making up boxes.

Stack them up to 6 high to make the most of the height in your storage unit.

Crates have label slots on the end and we’ll give you a supply of label cards.

On top of that get free crates when you start storing!

Spaceman in reception

Meet Reg

Meet our resident spaceman Reg. He’s fanatical about space and a stickler for detail. He regularly inspects the store to make sure everything is ship shape.

You can often catch up with him on his sofa in reception. He’s always up for a selfie – it’s not every day you meet a Spaceman.