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How to create more space when selling - and add value to your asking price

One of the main reasons people choose to move, is the feeling that they have outgrown their own home.

If people view your home, only to discover you’re running out of room, it could well be a deal-breaker. As any good estate agent will tell you, space sells. Simple.

A little attention to detail and a good declutter, could help you sell-up faster. And of course, the great added advantage to decluttering before you sell, is the lessening of the eventual removal load.

Rooms to focus on: here’s where we suggest you might start.

It takes just eight seconds to decide whether or not you will buy a house, according to latest research. This decision is likely to be made in the hallway - the first room you normally encounter when viewing a house.

Try to keep it as clear, open and welcoming as possible. Store away jackets, scarves and mountains of shoes. Consider whether or not you’re using your hallway appropriately (from a house viewing point of view). A bicycle against the wall or golf bag by the front door may be convenient for you, but an instant turn-off for a would-be buyer.

Living room
Are there too many personal effects in the front room? That shelved collection of antique teapots could be consuming too much space and prove a distraction to your potential buyer. Likewise, piles of tatty magazines on the coffee table or mounds of children’s toys may provide an unwanted focal point. Have you time to give the room a fresh, neutral lick of paint? A freshen up of wall colour could also go a long way.

The kitchen is now the most valuable room in the house, according to Lloyds Bank. Show off your square footage! Declutter its work and preparation surfaces, and use a simple statement to accessorise the room, such as a bowl of fruit or arrangement of flowers. Consider storing away bulky appliances that rarely get used.

People need to be able to your property with them living in it. This can be difficult in the most personal room in a house, unless you apply some simple touches. Keep personal effects and toiletries to a minimum. Think about removing any bulky furniture (e.g. wardrobes or dressing tables) that can make a room feel small. If possible, replace these with smaller furniture pieces, and use lamps to lighten up dark corners.

Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud says people like to buy houses when the leaves are not on the trees and they can see what’s at the bottom of the garden. So, before your potential buyers nose around your backyard, make sure the flower pots, lawnmower, barbecue and gardening tools are neatly stored away. Think about detail - could the patio and garden furniture do with a clean? An inviting garden will make it easy for people to imagine themselves enjoying it.

Are your DIY tools, half empty paint tins and camping equipment taking up valuable garage space? Give it a spring clean, storing unneeded items away and out of sight. Your garage could be a potential buyer’s much desired workshop, or renovation project space.

Decluttering your home and garden could not only help to attract a buyer’s eye, but also add £1000’s to the value of your house for sale.

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