Some items are very valuable to us, not because of their monetary value but because of the personal meaning they have for us. When others look at them, they see clutter but for us, they make special memories tangible. Sometimes you just don’t want to throw things away because you love them.

Toys from our childhood, love letters, a wedding dress, furniture gifted from a loved one, pictures drawn by our children, arguably, these can be irreplaceable.

It’s a kind of social conditioning that we should throw things away, replace the old and worn, update and move on but is this really the healthiest option for all of us? Whilst hoarding can be seen as a psychological disorder, there is an argument that keeping some important things is a way of forging a solid connection with events, people, times and most of all, emotions, that are meaningful in our past.

Treasures To Store

Like treasure, there are some items that you not only want to keep safe and secure somewhere, but you may well want to pass on as a legacy one day. Other items, they simply remind you, in a better way than a photograph, that you have experienced amazing things. A musician may find it hard to part with the guitar he played at a gig, a surfer may find it impossible to give away that surfboard that gave so much happiness and adventure. Childhood memories can be embodied in those teddies and toys that began our own life story.

Whilst some things are valuable to us, it’s also important not to overwhelm your living space. It can be unhealthy for you to have all the stuff you want to keep scattered around your home. One US based study by UCLA’s Center on Everyday Lives of Families (CELF) showed how clutter can make people less happy in their marriages, increase stress hormones, make daily tasks seem more difficult and increase tiredness.

It can be useful to have a place to put things of sentimental value, that doesn’t impact on your house and family on a daily basis. Self-storage storerooms are an answer to this human need and people do use storerooms for these kinds of treasured personal items every day.

Storage Sanctuary

Many embrace moving on to the next moment and shed the past with every one-use purchase and full dustbin bag. It’s a different kind of person who wants a firm hold onto their roots, the connections and the moments that were special, the relationships that kept them going, the objects that became beautiful treasures. Visiting these objects, remembering through them, it can make a journey to your storeroom like therapy, or visiting a shrine to your life history.

If you close your eyes and think of the best times in your life, there may well be a smell, music, clothes and things you owned that were weaved into those moments. Imagine now that you could revisit that time with a simple prompt, by listening to those old ‘mix-tapes’, by lying on that paisley beanbag, or switching on that novelty standing lamp.

There is a special kind of insight, living through things, rather than seeing them as unimportant trinkets in life.

Storage storerooms can act as a sanctuary for those items you don’t and can’t part with because of sentimental value but don’t have adequate room for, where you live.

The problem with making that decision to throw away sentimental items, is that once they are gone, they are gone for good. If you are one of those people that takes great appreciation of the stuff attached to meaningful moments, maybe storage options would be a good idea for you?

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