Student Storage Units

Store for as little as £1!

Student storage

Student accommodation has never been the most spacious.

Find space to enjoy where you live without compromising what you have with a Storagebase student storage unit.

Going away?

Travel and holidays mean you may need to move your things to somewhere safe from time to time.

A Storagebase student storage unit is the ideal student storage solution.

A true home from home for your things.

Bike, bits & bobs

Sports Equipment

Find a home for all your seasonal and bulky kit.

You can fit a surprising amount into even the smallest student storage units at Storagebase.

Rental crates for students

No need to buy boxes – use our recycled, reusable crates to pack your things.

Crates are free for your first period of prepaid storage and only £1 per crate per month thereafter if you need them for longer.

You can collect your crates before you start storing to give you time to pack.

Store for only £1

Student storage from just £1

Store for just £1 for your first month in many of our student storage units. No catch – move out within a month and pay just £1.

Continue storing on a rolling monthly basis for as long as you want.

There’s no security deposit to pay and we’ll give you a free lock for your storage unit.

We refund any time you don’t use, all calculated to the nearest day, so there’s no wasted time.


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