Student Storage

Get a move in discount on storage. 1300+ student storage units in 30 sizes for just a few boxes or as much as you need. Share with friends and save.

Student storage

Student accommodation has never been the most spacious.

Find space to enjoy where you live without compromising what you have with a Storagebase student storage unit.

Going away?

Travel and holidays mean you may need to move your things to somewhere safe from time to time.

A Storagebase student storage unit is the ideal student storage solution.

A true home from home for your things.

Bike, bits & bobs

Sports Equipment

Find a home for all your seasonal and bulky kit.

You can fit a surprising amount into even the smallest student storage units at Storagebase.

Rental crates for students

No need to buy boxes – use our recycled, reusable crates to pack your things.

Get free crate hire when you start storing.

You can collect your crates before you start storing to give you time to pack.