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Special offers on self storage units, cardboard boxes and rental crates at Storagebase self storage. Get 20 + weeks half price.

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Move In Discounts

When you start storing it can be an expensive time with plenty of other things going on. To help ease the strain we offer discounts on most units from when you first start storing with us.

Choose to pay 4 weekly and get half price storage for up to 20+ weeks from when you first store.

If you need to store for a year or more prepaying 52 weeks will be cheaper than paying 4 weekly although you can choose either option. After your first 52 weeks you can switch to 4 weekly payments or pay annually and save 10% on future years too.

With all our deals there’s no minimum stay & any unused time is refunded so you have flexibility if plans change. You only pay when you move in, not when you reserve.

Offers depend on availability so a larger storage unit could be better value than a smaller one or you can reserve 2 or more units and get a move in deal on both.

Reserve your storage unit to lock in a price for the day you need it. Easily amend your reservation to a different start date, storage unit or discount deal if you need to.

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20 Standard Boxes: £19

Get 20 high quality cardboard boxes for £19 … only 95p a box.

Double walled for strength these are our most popular box size.

Not too heavy when full of books and easy to carry and stack.

Each box holds 40 litres (18″ x 12″ x 12″ or 45cm x 30cm x 30cm)

Use these to pack as much as you can and only use a different size of box or our rental crates for things that won’t fit in these boxes.

Get 20 boxes for £19

Rental Crates

Use our crates to store your things easily and efficiently.

Recycled, reusable and recyclable: Avoid waste.

Packing and moving with crates is quicker and easier. They stack really well too so you can use a smaller storage unit.

Free for any storage you choose to prepay when you move in from 12 to 52 weeks. You will also get any move in deal available on your storage unit.

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Looking for an even better deal?

Choosing the right storage unit can be confusing. Many people find they need less space than they think.

Please call us – we’ve helped thousands of people get the best deal and would love to help you too.

We regularly have offers that are not shown online and will beat any quote for comparable storage.

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