Security for you and your self storage unit is our priority. Find out more about how we ensure your self storage unit is as secure as possible.


Whenever you or anyone else visits one of our stores, a member of staff will always be present to ensure security and to assist you.

We believe that even with the best computerised equipment allowing customer access to unattended stores is too great a risk.

It only takes one person out of thousands of customers to wilfully or accidentally do something they shouldn’t to put the safety of the whole store at risk.

Our staff are able to manage situations to significantly reduce the potential risk.


Over 100 CCTV cameras cover every corridor, not just a few token zones.

An alarm can tell us there is a problem but only our full coverage cameras allow us to instantly see all areas of all our stores.

With staff on site we can quickly identify and react to a potential problem.

Access Control

Our access control system lets customers in but keeps others out.

No need to sign in or sign out, just tap your keyring fob on the reader at the entrance to open the door.

If multiple people will require access to a storage unit we can issue a separate fob for each person.

Our staff can ensure unwanted visitors don’t follow others through.


We provide a free ‘Bullet Lock’ with 3 keys for your storage unit.

Unlike a padlock they cannot be cut using bolt cutters improving your security.

We do not hold any spare or master keys so only you will be able to unlock your storage unit.

We can provide a combination lock if multiple people need access such as to a business storage unit. You can set the code.

Storage Fire safety

Fire Safety

Managing fire risk is a critical part of how we manage our stores.

Most importantly we ensure our own trained staff are always present whenever anyone accesses our stores so we can help prevent risks arising.

If something unexpected should occur trained staff on site are able to react instantly.

All staff receive regular fire action training and our stores are equipped with alarms, fire extinguishers and other equipment significantly beyond the legal requirements.

All stores have been inspected by the local fire brigade and undergo regular fire risk assessments.

Intruder Alarms

Our stores are connected to a monitoring service with local backup security personnel on call 24/7 to investigate any issue speedily and to assist on site staff if necessary.

Main entrance


Our buildings are designed with your security in mind and have only ever been used by Storagebase.

Our stores are located on high ground to minimise flood risk.

A single access point in front of reception lets us easily keep track of who and what is coming and going.

There are no mains water pipes routing through any part of the storage area to remove the risk from leaks.

All our buildings stand detached from neighbouring buildings to reduce the risk from a fire or flood in an adjacent property that is not under our control.

We own rather than rent our buildings so we can invest in them for the long term to continually improve quality.

Pest Control

We have monitoring stations on every corridor to detect for pests.

These are checked daily and if we notice unwanted activity we are able to react speedily and appropriately to eradicate a potential problem.

Problems are extremely rare but daily checks are the only way to catch a possible problem early.

Food and perishable items are not permitted in storage preventing food sources that may attract vermin.

Our modern buildings with only 1 access point minimise possible access routes for pests.

Storage maintenance


We have an extensive proactive maintenance program across all our stores with the aim of preventing problems before they arise.

Much of our maintenance program is designed to minimise risk to keep your things safe.

Alarms, doors, drains, gutters, fire fighting equipment, electrical equipment and CCTV are just a few of the areas that we inspect and maintain regularly.