Transit Blankets


Made from recycled fabric

2m x 1.6m

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Transit Blankets made from recycled fabric. Use our transit blankets to protect your belongings from scrapes or scratches while in transit.  

When packing, moving, or storing fragile items, keep them safe by wrapping them in bubble wrap or packing paper before placing them in your cardboard box. Seal your boxes with our packing tape or fragile tape.

Ways to use our transit blankets

Protect your carpet or floor during a house move or renovation. Place our transit blankets on your floor to keep it protected from scrapes or spills.

When stacking furniture – place transit blankets between each piece of furniture to prevent it from getting damaged during transit or while in storage.

Protect your car or van. Loading and unloading furniture from your car or van could result in damage to the vehicle, use our transit blankets to protect your car or van from any scratches during a move.

Need cardboard boxes too?

Our boxes for moving house fit a wide range of things without being too heavy when filled. Our cardboard boxes are made from double walled corrugated cardboard, allowing them to be stacked high. Stacking high lets you fit more into less space.

When packing boxes try to avoid filling large boxes with too many heavy items as this makes them difficult to move or store safely. These double walled cardboard boxes are an easy size to carry and stack even when full of heavy items.

We recommend you use our standard box to pack most of your items and only use larger packing boxes for things that need a bit more space.

Our standard boxes are perfect for packing kitchen cutlery, crockery and glasses. They are a bit small for large plates and pans. For larger kitchen items use our large box.

Our standard cardboard box is ideal for packing books, smaller photos and pictures. DVD’s and CD’s, toys and smaller ornaments will all go in too. 

If you’re looking for cardboard boxes for archiving our Archive boxes are specifically designed for document storage.

Not sure how many you’ll need? You don’t want to run out half way through packing so make sure you get enough. We will refund any you return unused.