Tape Gun


Make your move quicker and easier with a tape gun.

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Tape gun’s are designed to make your packing process quicker and easier. Boxes sealed with a tape gun will be stronger. Apply the full width of tape onto the box surface, cutting the tape at the desired point all in one quick action.

Use either our clear packing tape, or our fragile packing tape with your tape gun.

When packing, moving, or storing fragile items, keep them safe by wrapping them in bubble wrap or packing paper before placing them in your cardboard box. Seal your boxes with our packing tape or fragile tape.

Need cardboard boxes too?

We recommend you use our standard boxes to pack most of your items and only use larger packing boxes for things that need a bit more space.

Our standard boxes are perfect for packing kitchen cutlery, crockery and glasses. They are a bit small for large plates and pans. For larger kitchen items use our large box.

Our standard cardboard box is ideal for packing books, smaller photos and pictures. DVD’s and CD’s, toys and smaller ornaments will all go in too. Use standard cardboard boxes for smaller clothes but choose our wide or wardrobe boxes for larger clothes and linens.

Not sure how many you’ll need? You don’t want to run out half way through packing so make sure you get enough. We will refund any you return unused.

*Tape sold separately