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Oh Yes they did! Panto characters take centre stage at Banbury Storagebase

CALLS of "He's behind you!” reverberated around our Banbury store this week when customers were treated to a surprise sneak preview of a local pantomime company’s rendition of Dick Whittington.

We have a wide range of characters with amazing stories come through our doors, but never before a giant cat and 14th century cross-dressing cook!

Understandably then, we were rather surprised when the characters from Dick Whittington flash mobbed us this week.

It turned out the larger than life performers were from the Banbury-based company, The Panto Bus. The touring theatre group has being using one of our 200sqft rooms for a year now, storing everything from stage sets to costumes. And the extra space is obviously helping the fledgling business to grow from strength to strength, as this week Dick Whittington took it upon himself to double the size of their storage room for 2016.

Keith Broome, our somewhat taken aback Banbury store manager, said: “We normally welcome our customers with a cup of tea or coffee - so the surprise greetings from a pantomime dame and man-sized cat on reception caused a few looks of surprise!

“But everyone really got into the spirit of things, with plenty of booing, cheering and shouts of ‘Oh yes she is’.

“It’s great to be able to help a new start-up businesses, and we cannot wait to see which pantomime characters turn up next time to fill up The Panto Bus’s new unit.”

Families who missed the impromptu performance will have another chance to see Dick Whittington by The Panto Bus at Middleton Cheney Sports and Social Club on Sunday December 20. For more details visit thepantobus.com

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