Introducing Naomi!

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From taming cuddly toy lions and counselling customers, to dreaming of racing go-karts with Jenson Button on the top floor of our new Somerset store – it’s all in a day’s work for our Storagebase manager.

Meet Naomi Oliver – the friendly face in the driving seat of Storagebase in Frome, which opens on Saturday 28th November.

When she isn’t helping customers to store their belongings in our giant new store on the Commerce Park estate, Naomi can be found go-karting.

Rather apt, then, that we’re opening next to the Frome Flyer pub on Jenson Avenue, named after the town’s famous Formula 1 export!

Naomi and the team are currently in overdrive to get the new 75,000sq ft store ready for its official opening later this month. When the first customers come through the door, she will be racing to meet their every need – whether they are are a business needing cost effective space-saving storage, people on the move, or families needing to make some space at home.

We caught up with Frome’s new Storagebase ace to find out more about life in the fast lane at what will be our fourth UK store and new company head office.

How long have you worked at Storagebase?

I’ve worked in our Surrey store for five years now, but I can’t wait to move to Frome and launch our new store later this month. It’s exciting times.

What did you do before joining the Storagebase team?

I used to work at a car rental firm. I really enjoy meeting new people, so I’ve always worked in customer-facing roles. I’m definitely a people person and working at Storagebase I get to meet interesting characters on a daily basis. Whether you deal with 10 customers or 200 customers a day, you have the power to create positive experiences for all of them. What could be better than that?

What do you do when you are not helping the people of Frome to store things?

I love motor sports. The fact that Jenson Button comes from Frome and our new store is off Jenson Avenue is quite exciting. I love watching touring car racing and to go-kart in my spare time, just like Jenson used to as a kid. My secret ambition is to race him in a go-kart around our store.

When I don't have the need for speed, I love painting my nails. They even have their own Facebook page with quite a large following. I horse ride and have a parrot named Polly as well. Her party trick is mimicking the sound of my mobile phone ringing, then laughing when I run down stairs to answer it.

What is a typical day like at Storagebase?

Obviously there are certain daily tasks, like keeping the store spotless and allocating manpower to jobs, but no one day is the same really. You never know who is coming through the door next. I get to hear so many people’s life stories. I hear about divorces, new births, parents who have passed away, new business ventures, life stories - sometimes I feel a bit like a counsellor!

What is your favourite piece of warehouse equipment?

When we clean the store we get to use our industrial floor scrubber. I love driving it. Its great fun whizzing around. One thing is for sure, Storagebase is always clean!

What is the oddest item you have had to store?

People store an amazing range of different things. A customer did once open their unit when I was stood behind them, and to my shock there was lion inside it. Thankfully it was only a giant cuddly toy, but it certainly made me jump.

Naomi and her team will be opening Frome’s new Storagebase on Saturday November 28. The store will offer more than 1,000 clean, dry and secure storage rooms seven days a week - ranging from wardrobe to warehouse size. Brand new removal vans will also be available to hire.

To pre-book space at special early bird rates, telephone Naomi on 01373 253233 or contact her on