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9 tips for better packing, and loading up that removal van

Is that moving date creeping up? Is the removal van booked?

Let’s face it, unless there’s an exciting holiday in store, none of us relish the prospect of packing. But to make moving home a less daunting task, we’ve compiled this quick guide.

  1. Prioritise the packing up. What rooms and items can be packed up first? What furniture needs taking apart?

  2. Try to calculate the number of packing boxes and material you’ll need - and allow for a few spare. There’s always that little bit more! If you have friends or family moving house before you, reserve their cardboard boxes! Your local FreeCycle network is also a great place to pick up used removal materials and packaging. We also stock a range of packaging materials for moving house, including archive and storage boxes.

  3. Aim to pack one room at a time, labelling each box with the room and contents. Carefully pack breakables and ensure these are boxed up and clearly labelled as fragile, to ensure they don’t end up underneath heavier items in the removal van.

  4. It’s worth checking your contents insurance - would any items damaged in the move be covered?

  5. Avoid back injuries by packing heavy items in smaller boxes - and not overloading boxes with too many items. You’ll be thankful for lighter loads on moving day!

  6. Allow lots of time for packing - you’re bound to unearth memory triggering photos, albums, books and other items in the process!

  7. Double check that all of your furniture and boxes are likely to fit in the removal van. If you’re in doubt, or it would help to temporarily store furniture or items that will ease the load on moving day, we have the storage space to fit - for as little or as much time as you need.

  8. Book pets in with the kennels or kindly friends and family for moving day, so they don’t accidentally add to the confusion.

  9. For your moving date - pack up a box of essentials for the first day and night in your new home. Things we’d put in ours: coffee, tea, chocolate (for energy, naturally!) snacks, a kettle, plates, utensils, phone charger, a tool kit, a torch, pain relievers and first-aid kit, a kitchen cloth, toiletries, toilet paper.

Have you got any advice you’d add to the above? We’d love to hear it!
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