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Home storage units with a move in discount on storage. 1000+ self storage units in 30 sizes. Get free rental crates to pack, move and store easily.

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Transform how your home feels by creating instant extra space.

The stuff of life is important but can sometimes feel like it’s getting in the way.

Children get bigger, husbands buy gadgets, wives buy cushions (and vice versa of course).

Sometimes you just need to make a bit more room.

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Find space for what's important

You don’t need everything at home all the time but lots of things are worth keeping.

Whether it’s your Christmas decorations, summer holiday beach gear, camping kit, children’s creations or furniture which brings special memories.

Creating a bit more space will make your home feel better.

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Keep what matters to you

If your cupboards are bulging and the space under your beds is groaning you might think you need to move to somewhere bigger.

Do have a clear out but not everything deserves to go.

Consider whether all you need is a bit of Storagebase space that works out much more cost effective than moving.


If you’re downsizing there can be things you know you or your family will want to keep.

There isn’t always the space straight away.

You can stack things up in a Storagebase room in a way you wouldn’t in your home so you can get a surprising amount into a space that is much easier to get at than an attic or loft.

Cardboard delivery boxes


As a Storagebase customer you can send your deliveries to the store where there will always be someone to sign for them.

We can call, text or email you when something arrives.

Then you just need to choose what to do with the time you’ll save not waiting in for deliveries.

At Christmas you can make sure top secret packages stay that way.


Start making more space today with our sturdy, eco friendly, stackable storage crates to pack up your excess stuff quickly and easily.

They stack higher than cardboard boxes so you make best use of your space and the lids flip open so getting at things is easy.

Get free crate hire when you start storing.

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Make your home happier

We’ve helped thousands of people find a space that’s just right for them.

Most people find the extra space they need to make a difference to their home is much smaller than they first imagined.