Can anyone else access my things?

Only you have the key to your room – we don’t keep a key. You will be provided with a ‘bullet’ lock and a contactless fob to operate our access control system. Anyone in possession of the room keys will be permitted to access it.


Can you receive my deliveries for me when I am not there?

Whether ordering goods on the internet or sorting out a large order when you are busy elsewhere we can receive your deliveries for you.

Deliveries that can be handed over our counter are handled for free. Larger deliveries such as pallets have a small handling fee.

Each delivery must have your name and room number on it in order for us to identify it.



Can I store my motorcycle?

Yes, you can store a motorcycle so long as the petrol tank is empty and the engine is cold.

Is there anything I cannot store?

You can store most things but for obvious reasons the following are not permitted:

• Food or perishable Goods
• Any plants or creatures whether living or dead
• Combustible or flammable materials, liquids or gases
• Firearms, explosives, weapons or ammunition
• Chemicals, radioactive materials, biological agents
• Toxic waste, asbestos or potentially dangerous materials
• Items which emits any fumes, smell or odour
• Illegal substances or items or goods illegally obtained

How can I move things in to my room?

You can hire a van to get your things to our store, use your own car or get a removals company to do it for you.

Once on site you can unload under cover and use our trolleys, sack barrows and pallet trucks to easily get your things to your room.

There are no steps to climb and we have large lifts to make access quick and easy.

How do I give back my room?

Just give 7 days written notice.

Empty your room, hand back the lock and keys and access fob and sign a vacation form at reception.

Your room must be left empty and broom clean.

How do I work out the size of the room I need?

Visit or phone our store and our team will help you choose.

To start with you can use our size calculator to estimate the space you will need yourself but we are more than happy to do this for you.

Most people are surprised that they can use a room that is significantly smaller than they imagine at first.

Using all the available height in the room and packing things well will let you use a smaller room and so save money.

Our Storagebase boxes are designed to stack neatly upon one another to give you extra space.

Box Shop

If you start using your room and want to change to a different size you can do so easily.

How do I start using a self storage room at Storagebase?

It’s easy to start using a Storagebase room:

Choose your storage room on our website. We can help you choose on the phone, by email or ideally visit your nearest store. There’s no need to make an appointment.

Reserve your room online or in store with a £10 booking deposit that is refunded when you move in.

On the day you move in provide photo ID and proof of your bank account details to set up a direct debit for any future payments.

Confirm the value of the things you will be storing.

Pay the first storage charge by  card on the day you move in.

Store your things.



What extra storage charges are there?

You will need insurance for the items you will be storing. You can take insurance arranged through us with your storage contract or you can use an existing insurance policy such as your home contents or business policy if it offers cover for your things whilst in storage.

You must provide evidence of alternate insurance if you do not wish to use our insurance.

We do not require you to buy a lock for your room or pay access charges.

A deposit may be required if you have an adverse credit record but we would confirm this at the time you reserve.

Direct debit is the easiest way to pay for ongoing storage so you don’t inadvertently miss any payments. An administration fee of £10 per month applies if you choose not to pay for ongoing storage by direct debit.


How can I pay for my room?

Your first payment is made in store by card or via online banking.
Ongoing payments are processed automatically by direct debit as they fall due.

What if I only need the room for part of the next period I have paid for?

You must pay for each new period of storage before it starts but we reimburse any days you do not use after the first payment period if you have paid on time by direct debit and given your 7 days written notice.

If you forget to provide 7 days written notice to move out you will be charged 7 days from the date when you advise us that you are moving out and any additional amount will be refunded if you have made all payments on time by direct debit.

How long must I pay for at one time?

The minimum period is 1 month, but we reimburse any time you pay for but don’t use after the end of your first payment period.


What security systems do you have?

Fire and intruder alarms, Over 100 CCTV cameras per store, access control systems and a 24/7 security guard backup service.

Most importantly our staff will be on site 7/7 keeping an eye on everything in store whenever anyone accesses the building.

Our stores offer the national association of insurers ‘Gold’ standard of security.

How do I secure my room?

We can provide a lock with 3 keys or a combination lock (where you can set the code). A combination lock is more convenient where various people need access at different times e.g. for a business.

We do not retain keys or codes to any rooms nor do we have any master keys for any locks so only you have access to your room.