Be in if you’re out

Let us sign for your deliveries:

No charge unless it large.

When you use a Storagebase room we can sign for your deliveries 7 days a week.

Deliveries that can be passed over our counter are handled for free.

We’ll text or email you when a delivery arrives for you.

Larger deliveries are £1 per trolley load or pallet per day, until you collect them from us.

The first day runs to the end of the day after we receive the delivery.

The same system applies in reverse for items you leave with us for courier collection.

Your deliveries must show your customer number on the address so we know they are for you.

You will need ID or your access fob when collecting parcels.

Sorry - we can't find you. It's probably our bad but please tweak your search or contact us.

Change your location:

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