Rental crates are free for up to a year when you use a self storage unit at Storagebase self storage. Make packing, moving and storing quick and easy.

Stack and Store like a Pro

Crates stack high so you can save by using less storage space.

Packing and moving with crates is quicker and easier.

Free for up to 52 weeks of prepaid storage.

Only 20p + VAT per crate per week thereafter.

Rental crates for students


Our crates can be stacked up to 6 high to make the most of the height in your storage unit.

Many customers find they can use a smaller, cheaper storage room when they use our crates.


Unused crates nest together to reduce the amount of space they take up.


Reusable and made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic our crates are an environmentally-friendly choice.

No need to buy cardboard boxes which take time to tape up with plastic based tape and may be only used once.

Archive crate

Big 80 litre Capacity

Each crate holds up to 80 Litres which is about the same as 2 of our ‘Standard’ boxes.

As a comparison a typical airline wheeled carry on bag will hold about 50 litres.

Integral Lid

The crate lid flips open and closed making it easy to add and remove items.

Cardboard boxes need to be taped up each time something is added or removed.

Label Zone

Each crate has a slot to take a label card on the end so it is easy to know what is inside when your crates are stacked.

The removable card makes updating the contents neat and simple.

A stock of label cards is provided free of charge.


The crate lids will stay closed without tape or clips.

If you need to be sure your crate contents have not been tampered with secure them with a tamper proof locking clip available free from reception.

The clip breaks when the crate is opened.

Handy for storing sensitive archives when different people may have access to your storage unit.

Crates can also be tied shut with zip ties through eyelets in the lid stopping it from being easily opened.

Pest control

Pest and Waterproof

Whilst water and pests are not something you normally have to consider at Storagebase there is always a risk that something unexpected might happen.

Crates will protect your things in transit and in storage far more effectively than cardboard.

Rental Crates FAQ

How much do Rental Crates cost?

Crates are 20p + VAT per crate per week but if you prepay 10 or more weeks of storage the crates are free for that period.

The total number of free crates permitted is one third the square feet of your storage unit so a 60 sq ft storage unit will allow you to use 20 free crates.

You can take extra crates at 20p + VAT per crate per week.

Can I get crates before I store?

You may want to start packing before you start using your storage unit. Collect your crates up to a month before you start storing.

You must pay for your first period of storage when collecting your crates but the paid time on your storage unit only starts when you are ready to use it.

Do I need to reserve my crates?

We usually have a good stock available in store but we recommend letting us know when you would like to collect some crates.

It’s easy to add extra crates or return unused ones so don’t worry about working out the exact quantity you need. We refund unused time you have paid for when you return crates.

We can help work out what will be best for you.

Is there a minimum hire period?

No – just use the crates for as little or as long as you like. When you no longer need them simply return them to reception.

You must sign a form to confirm the crates have been returned.

All charges are worked out pro rata when you take extra crates or return unused ones.

What about when I stop storing?

If you no longer need your storage room you can continue using your crates at 20p + VAT per crate per week for as long as you like after moving out of storage.

Keep your crates for just the time to empty them or use them as a cost effective way to continue storing things at home or at work.

Any free use of the crates stops when you stop using your storage unit.

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