15 Sq ft Self Storage Unit | Storagebase serving Brackley

Pay 4 weekly or choose 52 weekly to save more. No minimum term. Unused days refunded. Any questions? Please call 01280 313 136

Coronavirus Advice

Our self storage service is open as usual for home or business use.

Social distancing is quite easy at Storagebase but please respect our biosecurity notices in store.

Free gloves & hand washing facilities are available in every store.

We recommend you bring your own gloves and wear a face covering.

Reserve online to secure the storage unit and deal you want.

Contact us to change your start date or unit size if your plans change.

Key Facts

  • All units except lockers are at least 8 ft (2.5m) high.
  • Free access 7 days a week.
  • No security deposit to pay.
  • Free lock for your storage unit.
  • Our own staff on site 7 days a week.
  • Unused days refunded.

Size Estimator

Use our size calculator tool here to work out how much space you will need for your things.

Or let us work out the best size for you – please get in touch.

You can easily switch to a smaller or larger unit size from those available in store anytime before or after you start storing.

Multiple Storage Units

  • Get a move in discount on every storage units you use. 2 smaller units may be better value overall than 1 larger one. Discounted storage runs from the date you first store with us.
  • If some of your things will be moved out of storage before other items using two smaller units lets you vacate one unit early saving you money.
  • You can add multiple units to your online booking before you checkout.

Flexible Storage

  • Move out or switch unit anytime with just 7 days notice even in your discounted initial period.
  • Any days paid for but not used are refunded promptly pro rata.


Pack and stack like a pro with our reusable crates.

Get free crate hire for the first period you choose to pay for up to 1 year. Learn more


We work hard to keep your things safe but it is impossible to guarantee that no risk exists.

Just as a safe driver needs insurance we require our customers to have insurance for the replacement value of their stored items. This provides protection should stored items be lost or damaged.

You can estimate the insured value when you reserve and amend it if necessary when you come to start storing.

See full details of our insurance cover here

Before You Store

  • Reserve a storage unit to guarantee availability, rates and discounts. You can change your reservation if you need to.
  • If someone will be moving your things for you and you can’t come to the store yourself we can set things up for you remotely – just let us know in advance.
  • To start using a storage unit you just need to show a photo driving license and a debit card with your bank account number on it.
  • If you don’t have both of these we will need to see:
    • Photo ID.
    • Proof of address.
    • Proof of account number and sort code for your direct debit form.
  • Your first payment is due when you move in. We do not accept cash payments for storage. Contact us if you wish to pay by bank transfer.
  • Show proof of your own insurance if you are not taking our insurance option.
  • We will verify your identity and confirm your reservation within 24 hours. If your reservation  is declined your booking deposit is refunded.

Room Size & Shape

Due to construction constraints rooms vary slightly in size & shape. Each room is allocated to the closest size band.

If you would prefer a rectangular or square room or need a certain length or width for a particular piece of furniture for example please let us know.

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