Baby On The Way? Time To Find A Happy Space!

Congratulations! You’re about to have a life changing, life affirming, frankly wonderful journey into parenthood. Yes, you’ll be tired for a bit but there is nothing like the feeling of gazing down at your new born. But, wait a minute, you need to think about a nursery and making your house child friendly.

If there is ever a time to think about rearranging your home, it’s when you are going to have a baby, whether it’s your first or fifth! The act of nesting is a ‘must do’ for mums and dads to be. The baby needs a new safe space in the house. There needs to be clean, tidy areas, where practical routines of childcare can be carried out daily without difficulty.  Here’s a few preparations to think about in the lead up to the new addition to your family.

For new parents without experience in the ways of the baby, there are some things in the house layout that are worth looking at with new eyes. For a start, if you are tidy-shy, now is a good time to have a blitz. Get rid of rubbish and declutter. Your room you dedicated to precious ornaments, those crammed DVD shelves you don’t even look at anymore, that Man Cave stuff that’s piled up against the wall – box them up and store them.

The exposed cat litter trays and the toilet cleaner at floor level, think that the baby will be exploring the floor in a few months. You might not have time (or energy) to really sort out essential changes later on, so do it before the birth for peace of mind and for one less thing to remember. As for the wobbly book shelves that have got that heavy vase on the top shelf, maybe consider storage options or eBay ads if you need them gone.

Create a Nursery

Your baby would benefit from its own room, one that may become the child’s bedroom as it gets older. Clear it out, paint it, make it a warm, loving space and then think about what needs to be in there, not what is already in there. Baby doesn’t need a 42 inch TV and Dad’s electric guitar. Baby does need a cot, heating and something nice to look. A baby changing unit would be nice too.

Tidy up your Bedroom

For a while anyway, this will no longer be the love nest it may have been prior to pregnancy. It will now be your favourite personal space in the house, a sanctuary for sleep that will take on a new value for you both. Therefore, it’s good for you to keep it clean and tidy. Take anything stressful out of the scene. Make it look as good as you want it to feel for those precious ‘power-up’ snoozes. You may need a cot in here too, for those times the baby won’t settle and you need to be close but resting, so make space for this if you can.

Prepare for Nappy Changing

Nappies. The great unknown worry before birth. The truth is, you’ll get used to nappy changing in as little as a couple of goes, it becomes a sort of second nature drill so stop worrying about that, however toxic those little parcels come forth. What you do benefit from is dedicated areas to do the change in the house, so you don’t end up wrestling with soiled Huggies upon the kitchen table next to the bowl of fruit. Have nappy changing matts placed tactfully, and even better, a unit where you can do this standing and you’ll thank yourself for your preparation when your nostrils are alerted to your duty of doo-doo.

Make Room for more Relaxing

Relaxing rooms, with dim, calm lighting, instant atmospheric comfort and without clutter and objects to navigate, these will become treasured spaces if you create them early on for your expanded family. Imagine giving your baby a cuddle on a soft sofa, in a clean and well-presented living room, which you renovated or reorganised just for that extra sense of family bonding. No need for that novelty bamboo cocktail bar, those 80watt subwoofers or the multi gym in the living room anymore. Time to be a great mum and dad and love every minute of it!

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