Need some practical advice for selling your house? Take the stress out of moving with some simple preparations. Here’s ten ways to boost the appeal of your property to potential buyers. It’s all about those first impressions.


Potential buyers viewing your house don’t want to trip over toys or step around discarded laundry. Overcrowded shelves and messy surfaces are equally off putting. It won’t create a relaxing experience, nor will it show off your house to its potential. The rooms need to present open, tidy spaces. Make sure overbearing clutter is not hampering your house sale. Box-up items like CD’s, excessive books and objects that are in the way and put them into storage.

Present A Blank Canvas

Paint the walls in neutral colours. Strong overbearing colours or dated 80’s wallpaper can skew the vision for people looking for a new home to put their mark on. Make it easy on the eyeballs. Buyers will normally want to redecorate the house to their tastes, so this ‘blank canvas’ approach can help them visualise their own ideas for décor. If you give the walls a fresh lick of paint it will also mean there aren’t unsightly marks and dirty stains on the walls, making them look new.

Create The Smells Of Home

Our sense of smell is a strong influence on our emotions and our decisions, so prepare some nostril massaging delights like scented candles, fresh coffee, flowers, a crackling fire or freshly baked muffins. Producing aromas that we associate with pleasant life moments can help visitors relax, transporting them to a happy place in their minds. Conversely, try to neutralise any nasty whiffs such as ‘muddy dog’ or ‘nuclear grade shoe racks’.

Make Room With Mirrors

Here’s something to reflect on – it’s well known that tactfully placed mirrors can create the impression of larger spaces in rooms. Choose the rooms you do this in carefully. If there is a relatively small room, a mirror can increase dimensions, as well as draw in more light.

Tidy The Exterior Entrance

People visiting will see the house for the first time from outside. If there is a front path, keep it clear or if there is a front garden, trim the hedges and keep the lawn tidy. Stand outside your front door and imagine what someone might notice when they come to the house for the first time. Remove any dead plants or chipped ornaments and think of tasteful additions. For example, position bay trees or tasteful small statues either side of the front door. This is about creating an inspiring start to the viewing experience. Check the door is clean and the rubbish bins are out of sight.

Use Smaller Furniture

Place any clumsy or overbearing furniture into a temporary storage unit. You want to highlight space and possibilities with that space, so if the floor is eaten up by large objects, it will be harder to visualise this. By using smaller furniture in each room, the rooms will appear to increase in dimensions.

Fix Anything that’s Broken

Address the elephant in the room. Time to fix the leaky tap, replace the missing tile and repair the window latch. All those little repair jobs that may have accumulated, need to be sorted. When you’re investing all your money and future in a house, a leaky tap sets off alarm bells in a viewing. If a property looks uncared for, it will give off signals it might be harbouring bigger problems.

Update The Kitchen

Kitchens are key rooms and can swing a house sale. They are indicators of style and they are also highly functional, so a viewer will be considering food preparation and washing up areas, as well as where to store things. To save a little money you can just replace the sink and cabinet doors or put some stylish shelves up, to achieve a new look. However, a complete overhaul could lead to higher valuations.

Use Light Effectively

Illuminate dark corners with soft lighting if the viewings are in the evening. Light is another mood setter, so consider how it feels going into each room. Ask yourself, is it gloomy, dazzlingly bright, relaxing, too dark? Match lighting to the purpose of the room if possible, so create a bright kitchen and a relaxing bedroom, for instance.

Keep It Clean

Clean the house throughout. A slip in hygiene could ruin the perception of a room, whether that is a stray noodle on the kitchen table or dirty skirting boards. You should put clean towels in the bathrooms and bleach the toilets. Tidy up the sink surfaces and put toiletries away. In the kitchen, clean the worktops and hide evidence of recent meals. Think, show home standards!

For a quicker and happier experience when selling your house, use the extra space we supply at Storagebase, to clear the clutter and the non-essential furniture or to give you the time to work out what you really want to put in your new home. Contact one of our friendly advisors, who can guide you on appropriate storage options. Have a happy house move!

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