Space to make your home happier or your business better

Over 1300 storage rooms per store

Over 1300 storage rooms per store

Over 30 room sizes from wardrobe to warehouse

Over 30 room sizes from wardrobe to warehouse

High quality purpose built stores

Our staff on site 7/7 to keep your things safe

Get boxes to move easily & stack well to use less space

Choose from 1000’s of clean, dry and secure private storage rooms in 30+ sizes inside our high quality stores.

Get up to 4 months free when you move in


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Find Storage for My Home

Kids are happier with more space to play. Make more space in your home.

Find space at home for your growing collection.

Clutter free homes are happier homes.

Find space to get into shape at home.

Don’t let bulky sports equipment clutter up your home.

Building work is easier, faster and cheaper when you clear everything out before you begin.

Find space for a man cave

Let your home and wardrobe change with the seasons.

Whether you are downsizing or upsizing, find space to make your house a home.

Find space for your studying needs when away from home.

Find space for what’s important at Christmas.

Keep your memories safe at Storagebase.

Find Storage For My Business

Struggling to take deliveries for your expanding business, when storing with us, we can accept all of your deliveries big or small, so don’t feel like you have to lose out.

Do you have to keep archiving for many years? If so use on of our rooms to store them, keep your archives without it being in the way.

Worried about your tools overnight? Start storing them with us to ensure security at its best.

Moving your office space? Store your items with us whilst you decide your next move.

Store all of your confidential paperwork and or items with us and never have to worry about security.

Store your stock with us at your busier times to avoid confusion.

Store all of your equipment with us.

Allow your business to grow, place items in storage to make way for more important things.

Find space for the chaotic months at Storagebase.

Do you often find yourself at trade shows? Store all of your equipment with us until the next one.

Need extra space for your business? Grab a room with us.

Find yourself running out of space? Grab yourself as many rooms as you like for your ever expanding business.

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Free Access 7/7

7 Days Notice To Vacate

Unused Days Refunded

Free Wifi

Staff On Site 7/7

High Quality Design

Rest Rooms

Free Fresh Fruit

Meeting Room

Delivery Reception

Box Shop


Storage that is refreshingly easy and enjoyable to use

Not all storage is the same

Storagebase stores each have over 1300 high quality rooms in over 30 sizes.

Staff are on site & access is free 7/7 with covered loading bays, loads of trolleys, big lifts and wide corridors.

Enjoy free coffee, fruit and fast wifi in store. Unused time is refunded promptly.

Barn storage may be a low cost option if you can find a friendly farmer.

Consider the risk of damp, theft & pests. Your things probably won’t be insured if something goes wrong.

Storage in shipping containers can be hot in summer and cold in winter. Consider whether humidity will be an issue.

There can be a limited choice of sizes and quality can be variable. See if staff are always on site when customers have access.

Removals companies use wooden storage crates in a single size so you may need to use several crates and track the contents.

They will be stacked with a forklift in a warehouse and could be moved to different warehouses. There may be a charge for access which may need to be pre-booked.

Self storage gives you your own storage room, often in older converted buildings which can be of variable size and quality.

Check insurance, deposit, admin fees and lock costs. See if staff will be on site whenever anyone has access to keep it secure.

Our high quality boxes make moving quick & easy.

Our boxes stack high so you can use less storage.

Move quickly & easily

Stack high & save

High quality

Refundable & reusable

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No charge unless it’s large.


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